We’re stoked at the launch of our new Tautoko/Support Portal.

We’ve taken our time developing this resource, as a way to stay in touch with our community. Whatever brings you to connect up here, we welcome you.


This part is for YOU if you’re dealing with having been badly hurt. Here’s a technique that might just help. Journal Away the Feeling. Head to your home page and pour it out into a blog/journal entry…. partly as a way of clarifying and “integrating” the feeling, and also because it DOES bring some relief. It can bring us at least temporary closure on the thing, and often zooms out our perspective so that we find it less disturbing. You can even write a letter specifically to the person who has hurt you. Seeing our thoughts and feelings “laid out” on the page can do wonders in helping us come to emotional terms. What may not be resolvable with someone else may yet be resolved within yourself. Our journaling here is always buddied – so your Kaiawhina/Buddy will be there alongside you in your blogging, and will respond, supportively, with their comment. Give it a go – or, if you’d like to know more – head to the Knowledgebase and search for ‘Journal’.

Arohanui, Jamie