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We offer an amazingly diverse range of workshops. Read on to find out more about what’s available, who hosts what, and what you can expect if you come along and try one out!

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Workshop NameHappening NextWho It's forWorkshop DescriptionRegister

If you see something of interest in the table above, click to register, so we can confirm your space, keep you updated, and answer any questions:) Can’t find the workshop you’re looking for? Let us know here and we’ll be in touch!

Meet your hosts!

Hamada - Effective Communication and Goal-Setting

Kia ora koutou! My name is Hamada Eleleimy, I was born in Duba, but I grew up in Egypt. The Nile is my river but Taranaki is my mountain.

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Waimanako/Taranaki Retreat. In conjunction with our partnership, I offer workshops on effective communication and goal setting. The communication workshops teach participants how to gain clarity, remain calm in challenging conversations, and develop tools to achieve positive outcomes. Meanwhile, the goal setting workshops empower individuals to set practical and achievable goals, free from self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.

On a personal note, despite having homosexual attractions, I am married to a wonderful woman and together we are parenting 3 amazing children. I love the nature in Taranaki and my favourite activity on a sunny day is a short swim in the ocean.

Lou - Exploring Neurodiversity and Autistic Meetups

Fuelled by my own experience of late-identified neurodivergence, I’ve been facilitating Exploring Neurodiversity workshops at Waimanako. These educational workshops aim to shift the narrative surrounding autism and ADHD away from being pathologies and towards a neurodiversity-affirming perspective, acknowledging them as valid ways of being and identifying.

I have background in tertiary pastoral care, and am now a friendly face in Waimanako, both as a mentor and a coffee maker. I’m currently working towards a health coaching certification, focusing on supporting late-identified neurodivergent folks.

Glen - Watercolour Art

Kia ora – my name’s Glen. I’ve been living in Taranaki for 25 years. I have 2 daughters and my passion lies in art and music. I enjoy sharing my love of art with people. Art is something I have always done and I find it is a good way of disconnecting the mind and forgetting worries for a while. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out how you would like it to, but that’s not a bad thing. For me its about finding beauty in the chaos.

Ange - Anxiously Awesome

Ange is a Health and Mental Fitness coach with her own ‘living’ experience of anxiety. Her Anxiously Awesome workshop brings people together to get curious about how we experience anxiety, to know we are not alone in how we feel, and to re-discover what we can do to live well alongside any difficult thoughts/feelings that may come and go. Ange is mum to two teens, forever learner, animal lover, and enjoys watching either intense documentaries or reality TV trash – nothing in between!

Amy - Speed Freaks

The Speed Freaks are running/walking for recovery – to increase health, wellbeing and connection. Supporting recovery from addiction and mental distress through the vehicle of running. We are an open community group who meets every Thursday evening (rain or shine) 5.30pm Huatoki Plaza on Devon Street. We welcome everyone of all levels and there is no cost to attend. Gain a free T shirt after three attendances, access to our private Facebook event, tickets to subsidized local running events and even sponsored footwear if needed. Lead coach Amy is proud to support you, alongside the other talented coaches. I am passionate about the role fitness plays in mental health support and through our own journey walk alongside you with no judgement.

Liz - You Are Not Your Thoughts, Stress Busters, Resilience Builders, Circle of Joy, and more!

Good on you for even thinking about taking some steps to come to one or some of the workshops at Waimanako; I have had a journey with shame, depression, alcohol abuse and more, and I get how those steps towards change, towards something different, can feel super hard/daunting/terrifying. What I came to learn is that those tiny steps we can take start to build up and inch by inch, get us closer to where we want to be. I look forward to warmly welcoming you in to the mix one day soon.

Cecily - Kindfulness

Kia ora, my name is Cecily

We all need to know how to find our way back to the still, calm place within, especially when life seems scary or uncertain.  

At Waimanako, I offer a 4 week Kindfulness course – for 1 hour per week. We explore the hidden language of your autonomic nervous system – learning the little cues your body uses to alert you to danger – and ways to soothe it back to calm. By remembering ways to be kind and gentle to yourself you help create conditions for inner peace – and connection to everything you hold dear.

With daily practice, you’ll soon become a pro at reading your body’s signals and intuitively know how to give yourself the support you need to restore balance and harmony to your life.

I’ve always been fascinated by the interconnectedness of wellness, mental and emotional health, the body’s natural ability to seek balance and the magic that happens when we learn in community. Come and join me on this journey of growth and discovery.

Sarah - Find Your Calm

Kia ora, my name is Sarah and I facilitate one of Waimanako workshop groups, Find Your Calm. I grew up in New Plymouth, had a decent chunk living elsewhere, then returned in 2022 and haven’t looked back. After experiencing a challenging phase a few years ago, I hit a point where I decided there had to be a better way to live. I am passionate about how the little things we do everyday, such as meditation, transform us over time. I am also passionate about nature, creativity and community

Alina - No Your Limits

I am an International Trainer and Solution-Focused Coach dedicated to helping clients discover their strengths and establish healthy boundaries. With exceptional communication and networking skills, I excel in creating communities and assisting individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to integrate seamlessly.

I am proud to be involved in “No Your Limits,” a monthly support group organised by Waimanako in collaboration with Yellow Brick Road. This group is dedicated to helping individuals set boundaries and find their voice, offering a safe and supportive environment for personal growth and empowerment.

Workshop Guidelines

Workshop Guidelines

For presentation workshops (e.g., Anxiously Awesome, Exploring Neurodiversity, Effective Communication):

  • You don’t have to share anything! You are more than welcome to respond to prompts and ask questions, but you’re also perfectly fine to stay quiet – whatever works for you.
  • Feel free to take notes, if you’d like.
  • If you find a topic within the workshop to be difficult, and you need some time out, tino pai. Go for it – and consider seeking out a Listening Ear in our Koha Cafe to download to.
  • We only ask that you show our workshop hosts respect as they present material they’ve worked hard on. So please don’t chat to others during their presentation, or spend the whole time looking at your phone!

For hands-on workshops (e.g., Watercolour Art, Speed Freaks):

  • Please don’t worry about your ‘skill level’. Our workshops are open to everyone, and our hosts are there to help and encourage you. No judgement, we promise.
  • Do your best to get ‘stuck in’ and have fun!

Naturally, each workshop is unique. If you have any questions about a specific workshop, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Where do I go?

Waimanako; is located at 33 Devon Street West, down the Metro Plaza. We have a big, friendly flag out the front so that you can spot us easily!

Taking a look at the Waimanako map, most workshops either take place in Manga Huaora (one of our Whānau Support Rooms), or Manga Huatoi (the Creative Hub). Each of our rooms has a poster on the door which will let you know what’s scheduled to happen in there on a given day.

Speed Freaks is unique in that it takes place across the road at the Huatoki Plaza – the public square covered by a bright yellow roof!

If you’re still not sure where to go for your workshop, you can ask our staff at reception, or go down the end of the corridor to ask at the Koha Cafe – and get a hot drink or a tasty meal to accompany your workshop while you’re at it! One of our friendly staff will show you to the right room, no worries.

Manga Huaora Workshops:

  • Anxiously Awesome
  • Find Your Calm
  • No Your Limits
  • Exploring Neurodiversity
  • Effective Communication 1 and 2
  • Goal Setting
  • Kindfulness
  • Manawa Whakaora

Manga Huatoi Workshops:

  • Watercolour Art
  • Creative Hub
  • Soulfood