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Kia ora Marie
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He waka eke noa

...a waka in which we all have a place and a role


We are so delighted that you have registered for our newsletters; to share the journey with us in some way. It somehow feels stronger, more hopeful and truly encouraging to know that people take the time to read our updates and to be a part of it all. Don't want to sound cheesy - but just knowing that you are 'there' - is awesome! Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou
ka ora ai te iwi - with your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.

Maybe you have signed up to the newsletter to find out a bit more; maybe this is your time, and your're keen to know how we might be able to help you, or someone you're concerned for? Awesome. Head here to read about our support hub - Waimanako - and here to read about our Residential Stays; or here to start the ball rolling.

Maybe you're keen to find out about our Support Groups and Workshops? Excellent! Head here to check out what's happening this week...

Maybe you're a business owner and are keen to build a relationship with the Retreat? Maybe you're keen to see if there is a place for you to volunteer with us, to be one of our support workers or listening ears, one of our fundraisers, or to take up a role in one of our many other volunteering opportunities. Rawe!! Head here to grab more info about how you can be a part of it all. Maybe you have skills or items that you would like to donate or ideas you are keen to share. That's how we've always worked - the simple 'rebuild the Village' concept.

It really is a case of it taking the village, a village to help support those of us who are struggling, those who are tired, who don't know which way to turn, who are often told reach out for help, but that really being the hardest, hardest step of all.

If that's where you're at, absolute respect for you for connecting, for making this first step to getting some support, that first step to making some changes.

We are in this together, and the team at Taranaki Retreat and Waimanako; are truly glad that you have climbed on board with us. We look forward to our paths crossing and getting to know you more. Do come in and meet them at Waimanako - or, if you're not in our region, check out their profiles on our Team Page,

Spreading the Word

Do you live in Taranaki?
Could you help us out with this plan?

Key to our kaupapa is providing an option for anyone in distress to access walk-in support (without an appointment). Raising community awareness of this resource throughout the region is an urgent and ongoing priority.

As Part One, our Kaimahi (Chris, the Legend) cycled the entire region last year, spreading the news (an epic journey, aka Waimanako on Wheels). This was just the starter - we are aware that we have work to do.
Part Two: We will be setting up roadside billboards throughout our region; offering positive, caring messages - and letting people know that we are here for you. We are currently working with our District Councils to ensure that the signs are fully compliant. The awesome crew at Graphix will be producing the coreflutes - and they are going to look GREAT!

SO: Do you have a roadside property? Might you be up for a Waimanako billboard to be attached to your fence or a pair of stakes in the ground (we'd come and put it up!) If you'd be open to helping out in this way... THANK YOU. Please reply to this email - and tell us more!

Staying in the Loop

Interested in our Workshops and Groups at Waimanako?

If you'd like to receive our weekly text update of What's on at Waimanako, just text your full name and 'Workshops' to our text number: 0204 189 1236
Thank you again - for taking the time to subscribe to our newsletter. If, ever, you have concerns for someone (it doesn't have to be a crisis situation) - and you'd like to talk it over - call in - or visit our website - fill in the contact form on our home page.

That's all for now - just wanted to say 'hi', really - and let you know that we'll be in touch in the next wee while, when our next newsletter comes out.

Arohanui, Team Taranaki Retreat