What is it? Simply put, mindfulness with kindness!

Developed by Cecily Bull who has run Mindfulness courses at the Retreat for over a year, this is a new course designed to give you some really useful tools…

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong and trying to get away to a better place, learn to relax the body and focus the mind, while practising kindness towards yourself and others. Develop inner peace and discover solutions right in front of you.

There are four parts to the course – these are usually fronted with a ‘taster’ session, so that you can see if this workshop is a good fit before fully committing.

Interested? We’d love to see you there! You can give us a call, text in, or sign up on our homepage to book a space! We highly recommend that you register for our workshops, as spaces can fill up quickly, and it also means we can let you know if it gets postponed.

Make sure you also grab a delicious Barista coffee or amazing snack from our Koha Cafe before or after your workshop. 😉