We emerge triumphant from another successful duck race! The corporate ‘ducks’ (giant toucans and llamas) again surrounded and guided the smaller ducks to the finish line. Our main victors were:


Winner – NZHL Taranaki

Best dressed – Primo Wireless – the Ethernet cable dreads won the Judge’s eye!

Really gave a Duck – Paysauce – donated by Jo & Grainge Kyffin. We received absolutely legendary support from this crew – they rallied the troops and sold hundreds of ducks, sponsored a llama (decorated bright red), and provided our team with sustenance and bandanas!


Fastest duck – Aria Eldershaw – her duck was streaks ahead of everyone else!

Second place – Margo Beale – this duck took the race seriously and was neck and neck with third, pulling away just at the last minute to snag second place

Third place – Anne Knox – a great run for second, but just pipped at the post!

Most original route – Margaret & Danny Mullan – this duck bravely took flight to get this prize!

Last across the line – Te Hira Rain – all ducks matter and this little swimmer had the stamina to get right to the end!

The best dressed was hard to determine with some excellent and innovative efforts by our corporate sponsors. The first yellow duck across the line was one of the smallest, and bravely swum upside down. It just goes to show that not everyone has to do things the same way!

We have raised well over $7,000.00, with the final figure still to come in at the time of writing this. We could not have managed this event without the support of volunteers – both from our team and others who showed up before and on the day – thank you for all of your hard mahi. It was such a fun event, enthusiastically supported by the public. A big thanks to Americana for supporting the running of the duck race during their own event, and thank you to everyone who gave a duck!