One of the opportunities available to people accessing Taranaki Retreat’s Outreach Programme is to have some coaching with our Life Coach Liz.  Sometimes we feel stuck, or we may be up for making some changes/moving forward, tired of talking about the past or keen for tools and strategies.  These are just some of the ways Life Coaching can make a difference. One of Liz’s super powers is to listen intently and she has some great tools and a fresh approach to really help increase your awareness and understanding of where you are at and what the next chapter could look like.

The Model Deployed by Liz

Be Bold education focuses on increasing levels of self awareness and self acceptance/love. It empowers the individual to take some control of their emotional state. The model includes/combines a number of accepted coaching concepts, recognising mood/state, in both an experiential and logical way.The concept is based on the red zone (where the individual is disempowered, fear based, disconnected) and the green zone (where the individual is empowered, love based, connected) in a visual reference model with choice in between.When asked what Guests have got out of the session with Liz, it is often the visual simplicity of the model, that really helps it hit home to them. Helping them to understand where they are at, and what they want to be working towards. It provides clarity and context that the individual can easily remember and refer to going forward. Liz has found that those she works with connect quickly, and our situations change.

How it works

1. The first step is an initial session with Liz – during which she’ll explain how it works. Generally, this is done face-to-face – but can also happen over the Internet using Zoom or Skype.

2. If it ‘feels right’ Liz will talk to you about going further

3. We’ll then enter into an agreement to support you with Life Coaching. Taranaki Retreat commits to the support detailed in the agreement for as long as our Guest and the Life Coach together feel the support is beneficial. Liz’s support includes contact by phone/text outside of your sessions.

4. Liz will be making a considerable reduction of her rates, each session, as part of her support for the Retreat. We ask that everyone doing Life Coaching makes a contribution to the cost (even if it’s just $10 a session) – so that they have some ‘skin in the game’. We will discuss sensitively how much you feel able to contribute. Taranaki Retreat will commit to make up the balance – because we know this works!

5. You’ll decide on an initial number of sessions to meet. After these sessions are complete, we’ll review with you – and decide ‘What Next’? More sessions? Or moving into the next step on this journey. Of course, you can withdraw from the plan if you find that it’s not working for you.Any questions? Go right ahead and ask!