Prepare-Enrich is the relationship support tool we use at Taranaki Retreat. It is an international brilliant scheme which has been used by literally millions. Here’s how it works :

  • Both parties in the relationship complete an online survey about their relationship. It’s a ‘go with the gut’ survey of quite a few questions – touching on all areas of relationship, and the way we tick. The online tool we use for this charges $50 for this service. There is no cost for any of our input, nor any other aspect of the process. If this cost is a barrier to using the programme, we can sometimes help out with this fee – please ask!
  • The survey process is confidential to the person completing it. It’s therefore a great, non-confrontational way of both sides reflecting on where the relationship is at, without it turning into a slanging match, or a point-scoring exercise. Nobody ever knows what the other person puts in their survey – and the rule is that there’s no conferring to be done, or reporting back.
  • When both of you have completed the survey, separately, the system produces a detailed ‘road map’ – a cool booklet comprised of information, charts and data showing where the relationship is at.
  • It’s strengths-based, so it doesn’t give you a mark out of ten – but it shows where the relationship strengths are (eg leisure time / sexual relationship) and the challenges are (eg communication and dealing with conflict).
  • Once the profile is generated, a facilitator is arranged by the Retreat to meet with you as a couple to show you the profile and to talk you through it. Ideally, this is the first in a series of get-togethers, in which the facilitator is aiming to equip you, as a couple, with the tools you need to resource the areas of the relationship where there’s challenges.
  • How many support visits people go for will depend on your needs and both parties’ buy-in / commitment to making this all work 🙂
  • The profile also addresses issues like – how personality typing (eg introvert/extrovert preference) might affect things; past family background; who carries the stress in the relationship.

The next steps?

If you’ve not already done so – please talk to your partner about this possibility. Share the above information. Reflect together on whether you are ‘in’. If you both are, we need to be in touch with your partner, direct. The easiest way for this to happen is for them to register with our Portal, just as you have done.

Finally – GOOD ON YOU for taking this leap. We are keen to support you – drop us a message back with your thoughts, once you’ve had a read of this.

Arohanui, the Care Team at Taranaki Retreat