There is a sizeable selection of support available through the Covid and Cost of Living impacts. Have a read and see whether you may benefit from some of these initatives:-

  • For businesses, a reminder that the Covid Support Payment Round Two is now open (round one can still be applied for). To be eligible for this funding, a business simply needs to have experienced a 40% drop off in revenue between a current-ish week and a comparison week between 5th Jan and 15th Feb either 2021 OR 2022. There will also be a third round, opening soon. It is incredibly easy to apply.
  • For Employers, this information and other supports (eg Small Business Cashflow Scheme Top-Up Loans) can be discussed by calling 0800 40 80 40.
  • For individuals or whānau in need of financial support – there are a wealth of options, and you don’t need to be on a benefit to be eligible. The Covid-19 Welfare Line is 0800 512 337. They are there to work with people who are doing it tough, and will suggest ways to help. This could include, for example:
    • Food
    • Accommodation
    • Utilities
    • Dental work
    • Glasses
    • Whiteware
    • Medical costs
    • Bereavement-related costs
    • Repairs and maintenance on a property
  • Have you tried googling “Covid-19 Financial Support Tool” – and check it out – it is a way of stepping through the options
  • Support for our elderly may be possible through Age Concern to help them navigate what’s needed.
  • There are also specific supports available for:
    • People living with disabilities or illness
    • Veterans
    • Caregivers or Partners of the above
    • …and many more

Feel that you may qualify or maybe you don’t think you do, either way if it feels too much, too daunting or you just don’t have the capacity please get in touch…


Collated and written by Jamie Allen, co-founder of Taranaki Retreat