Quite often we make a lot of time for others. 
And that’s wonderful – as you are a caring friend, an emphatic partner, 
a loving parent, a supportive colleague, a customer- or patient-focused professional.

We are listening to joyful, funny, exciting, sad or sometimes devastating stories.
We are sharing our thoughts, experiences and kindness to support. 
I never really understood how important it is to care for yourself 
as much as you do for others. 

“Me time” isn’t selfish. “Me time” is self-love.​ 
* Take yourself out for a walk on the beach.
* Pick a book, find yourself a sunny spot and start reading.
* Go to your favourite cafe and treat yourself with delicious pastry or a piece of cake.
* Or how about you go on a dinner date with yourself? 
(And you can have it all – Starter, main and dessert! 🙂)

Author: Michele Reiher, Christchurch