2020 has been hard.

Sometimes it felt like it will never end and other times you might have wished it would never end. 
2020 has been eye-opening in so many ways.
What I have learnt:
1. It doesn’t lead to happiness if you try to please everybody around you. You are more likely to lose yourself on the way.
2. You can’t control what other people do and think. But you can control what you do and think.
3. Some people will come into your life for a season, a reason or a life time.
4. Use your energy and time wisely.
5. You can’t change anyone; you can only change yourself.
6. Accept that you can’t be loved by everyone.
7. Surround yourself with good people – people who make time for you, are listening to you, are interested in you and care about your feelings.
8. Be grateful for every single day.
9. Enjoy the moment without worrying about the future.
10. Change isn’t stoppable and bad – it’s necessary to grow.
11. Everything happens for a reason and every experience brings you closer to where you are meant to be.
12. You don’t always get what you want but you get what you need.
Life gives you lots of moments and it will all make sense at some point. You only need to believe and be patient.

Author: Michele Reiher, Christchurch