I wanted to let you know that the Retreat is building up specific support pathways according to where we have come across particular needs in lockdown. One or more of these maybe something that you, or someone you know are facing:

Facing financial difficulties (for example, uncertainties how the business will continue to operate – or loss of employment)

Anxiety about the future – which may look like a general feeling of being lost – or could be the full horrors of trauma that we carry, being revisited

Always having been “the strong one” or the person giving the care, now finding oneself being in need of a shoulder to lean on

Having to grieve alone (for any kind of loss). Knowing that soul-pain, and trying to get through it in isolation.We’re here for you, simple as that – kotahitanga – recovery together.

For this week’s letter, I wanted to share with you a little from our Grief Support Kete, and have picked five of our resources to tell you a little about.

Does the image in this post look or feel familiar?

Some of these resources from our Kete could be what’s needed right now:

1. Grief and Loss Workshop

If you, or a member of your whānau have endured a major loss – such as bereavement; loss of employment; loss of health / a recent diagnosis; divorce / separation / relationship breakdown… This support will bring new hope.

2. Remember My Loved-One

This is for you, if you have been through a bereavement, and would find a memorial occasion for them to be helpful. When we are grieving a loss, it helps to have ‘somewhere to go’. A place to remember them. Sometimes, that’s not always possible.

For some, at the time of the loss, tangi/funeral may not have been a healing experience. Revisiting that, and making new memories can be helpful. Together, we will plan a brief, uncluttered time of memorial for your loved one, to take place at the Retreat. There also is the opportunity to prepare and paint a memorial rock, bearing their name, and place it in the Retreat’s Garden of Remembrance.

3. Support from Our AWESOME Coach

Sometimes this is a one-off; sometimes the beginning of a more in-depth healing support journey. The mahi begins with a focus on what motivates you and what is holding you back. A great tool to untangle your thoughts and feelings around where you are at/where you want to be and offers you guidelines on how to work towards your goals.

4. Buddied Blogging

Ideal for when there’s a physical distance between the Retreat and you – or when sitting down with someone to talk feels like ‘too hard basket’ – or if writing is your ‘thing’. We offer a secure online shared blogging platform. There, people privately blog on a regular basis; and one of our Care Team sits alongside you as a buddy in your blogging, sharing the journey; and responding with encouragement and reflection. It can really help to process stuff – and is sometimes a great scene-setter for further support.

5. Grief Journaling

If you have experienced a bereavement in which the circumstances were tragic, and you are hurting from that loss – this programme could be for you. In five one-on-one or whānau sessions, your story will be heard and honoured; recognising the magnitude of your loss, the mix of painful emotions experienced, and providing tools and empowerment to recovery.

Any of these sound like a fit for you? Or is there someone it might be helpful to share this email with? Anyone can reach out to the Retreat via Facebook, calling 06 215 0993 or texting our team on 0204 189 1236.

Our Grief Support Team

Our grief support is primarily peer-orientated – in other words, those who deliver these supports have, themselves, walked that terrible walk; are highly familiar with its meandering path, and have found the ways for their heart and soul to heal. If that’s you, and you would like to work alongside others on that journey – please get in touch. Our Team are trained, loved and supported in their mahi, and constantly “make the difference”. Thank you!

Finally, it goes without saying, but saying it anyway

…no bull, these are pretty tricky times for any charity to survive through. I guess many of us are reflecting on where our giving can really make a difference. Please support our mahi if you possibly can. Thank you, so very much.

No reira, tēna koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katou.

Jamie Allen,
Executive Officer and a guy who is alongside you in all this.