Tell us what you most enjoyed / found helpful during your stay?
Rest, having a support worker, walking on a beautiful beach, being creative, the shared meals (one of my goals was/is to get more accustomed to spending time with others so this helped a lot).

In terms of helping you feel stronger and safer, did your stay at the Retreat assist you?
Yes, I felt a lot safer than I had been feeling and by the end of my visit I felt a lot stronger and armed with a courage I had not arrived with.

Do you think your stay at the Retreat will make a difference in how things are for you, now that you’re back home?
It already has! I have come home and put into place an action plan and started to act on it. it has given me the opportunity to re-energise physically, mentally and emotionally and I feel so much stronger. I also came away with a sense of personal balance, less mental and emotional extremes than when I arrived.

Finally, please add any other comments / feedback here 🙂
The Retreat is the most wonderful place in New Zealand for people who need it. Thank you – Jamie and Suzy and family for putting so much love and energy into a place of solace. The Retreat just oozes with goodness, warmth and aroha and I think anyone who has the need and gets the opportunity can only benefit from a stay.
The support workers are also AWESOME! and I appreciate coming home and contact being maintained for a time.