Coming to stay at the Retreat, what were you hoping for?

  • Time-out, rest and relaxation
  • Time to be around other people
  • Finding spiritual well-being / healing
  • Support – having the opportunity to speak to someone in confidence

Did that happen for you?
Yes. It was so great being out in the country away from the noise of the city. Being able to go to the beach and just relax with the others there was so wonderful.

Tell us what you most enjoyed / found helpful during your stay?
Going to the beach and talking with the others that were there. There is healing in knowing that you aren’t alone in this journey.

Do you think your stay at the Retreat will make a difference in how things are for you, now that you’re back home?
I came to the retreat hoping to find the cure all for my problems. Obviously this was not that case as my problems were still there when I got back. What had changed though was my ability to handle the situation. The retreat gave me the tools to grow as a person.

Finally, please add any other comments / feedback here 🙂
Thank you for the support you provided for me. You were all so loving and caring and made me feel at home.