Coming to stay at the Retreat, what were you hoping for (feel free to enter more than one!).
Time-out, rest and relaxation
Time to be quiet / on my own
Finding spiritual well-being / healing
Support – having the opportunity to speak to someone in confidence

I was at my lowest point of my Life, I knew I wasn’t going to survive this time round. If my Counselor hadn’t recommended the Retreat I would not be writing this or sharing my story.

Did that happen for you?
Yes in every way possible.

Tell us what you most enjoyed / found helpful during your stay?
I enjoyed the Rest, the Tranquility of Peacefulness. I never met such an open Family such as Jamie their Wonderful Family plus the Support Workers.

In terms of helping you feel stronger and safer, did your stay at the Retreat assist you?

How do you think we could improve things at Taranaki Retreat for future Guests?
Be the People that you are is all I can say.
Much Love to Each and All

Do you think your stay at the Retreat will make a difference in how things are for you, now that you’re back home?
Totally. I focus more on my Goals working on my well-being.

Finally, please add any other comments / feedback here 🙂
Thank you so much Taranaki Retreat I wish you ALL the Best.