Life can feel pretty full on right now!  With technology we can get a stream of news and updates 24/7 if we allowed it, and there’s a lot of news out there at the moment.  It can feel incredibly overwhelming and pretty scary at times.  It’s not just the news, there can be other things going on in our world too that can lead us to feel pretty bleak or struggling. 

This isn’t just a message to tell you to turn off the news, although reducing our intake of that can certainly help.  I have been talking with people how that constant stream of input is exhausting and triggers a part of our brain that is there to protect us, ends up getting potentially constantly triggered.  It can keep us constantly up in our headspace.

We have our headspace and we have our heartspace and we absolutely need both,  our headspace is around action and doing, our heartspace is around being, play, creativity.  Too much time in our head for whatever reason can make life very hard.  

The kindest action we can take for our weary mind are steps that show it that we are safe, that we are connected, that we are supported.  Steps for this could be around slowing the pace of life down, taking time to watch the waves, putting some calming music on or lighting a candle.  It might be revisiting that creativity project, some gentle colouring, getting out in the garden, picking up the instrument that you haven’t played for a while…

What could be something you could do to drop in and reconnect with your heartspace today?


Liz our Life Coach, you can find more here

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