Sometimes all the sleep in the world won’t leave us feeling refreshed and energised, not if it is our soul that is tired.

We can be physically exhausted and mentally exhausted and sleep will help them, but if our soul is empty and we are not doing anything to fill our tanks up, have me-time, take time out, look after ourselves, things that bring us joy, then our soul is going to be what feels weary.

Could you start with writing yourself a list of all those things that bring you joy, those things where you get lost in them, maybe its a jigsaw,a book or a craft.  I remember listening to a podcast once and it talked about two groups of people in this study, they both had the same amount of free time, one spent it on devices and social media, the other spent it on reading, taking classes, going out, getting creative, pottering in the kitchen.  The second group reported that they felt they had more time, even though it was the same amount. 

It tends to be those latter things that top us up, that recharge us, that get the blood pumping again and boost those energy levels.

So if sleep doesn’t seem to be recharging you, is it time to try topping up the tanks?  Something for your soul…

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