Supporting someone recently, and the first time I met them, I could sense their struggles and the burden they were carrying before we had even started talking.

We started the session, and they started to share their story, and what had brought them to the Retreat.

We did some work together and by the end of the

session, this person had very gently started to open up again.

A few days later, I saw them again, and thanks to the love and support and activities they had joined in with at the Retreat, there was such a marked difference in their vibe.

They paused, as they came in to the Coach House, and read the message on the white board, slowly taking it in.  I acknowledged the changes I felt from them, and they confirmed that they were feeling very different.

We carried on with the session and near the end we were talking about how when we are looking after ourselves, giving ourselves that self-love, care and attention, we top up our tanks and we do start to walk taller, breathe deeper and look outward more.

I pointed out to this courageous lady that the white board had been there the previous time, and that the message had been there the previous time as well.  But when we are struggling, down, when we are closed up, or closed off, we literally don’t see what there is around us.  When we are topped up, we start to notice more, spot opportunities, get in to conversations, have clarity as to what we are after, and it blows me away, every time, what can come in to our life when we are coming from that topped up, green zone, kinda place.

If you are honest with yourself, where do you feel you are at now?  Self care isn’t just about pretty nails and spas, it really needs to be a non-negotiable in our lives for so many reasons, and this is only one of them.

Author: Liz the Life Coach
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