Probably the most out of date title for this blog!  They started changing quite quickly a few weeks back.  We have been asked to change and adapy regularly at the moment.  Whether it was changing how we shop, what we do with our time, how we work, how we support kids, how we move our bodies, whether we have work to go back to, how we travel, the list goes on of how we have been changing and adapting recently, and there will be more to come as we move further through Level 2 and beyond.   (Sounds a bit like Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story – to infinity and beyond….)

Anyhoo, even if we are fully supportive of the restrictions that have been in place recently and can understand why they have been necessary, it can still be hard to adapt to change.  A wise man once told me that change comes from chance, choice or chaos.  Chance being that random conversation that led to an opportunity, or I remember someone telling me the story of how they were meant to be going to Australia for a holiday, their plane got diverted over here for some reason, they ended up with a stopover in Auckland, went out for the evening, started to like what they were seeing, so didn’t get on the plane the next day, had their holiday here, went home, sold their house and then moved over here.  So a big change purely down to chance and a diverted plane.

Change through choice is when we make those steps, take those decisions to make some changes in our life, whatever area of our life it may be, changing our job, moving out of somewhere, ending (or starting) a relationship, changing eating patterns or lifestyle habits.  Change coming through our call, our decision, our taking responsibility for our lives.

Finally, change through chaos, for example a pandemic.  Again where something has happened or is going on around us, and was not something we had directed.  It may be the end of a relationship, the loss of someone, a landlord wanting their house back, a redundancy, all things that don’t feel in our control.

And maybe we don’t have control, but we do have control over how we respond to any of these ways of change, but particularly the last one.  We may not have felt in control over these weeks, or even now dealing with the ripple effects.  But we can control how we respond.  This could look like researching and finding out what our options are, reaching out for help, getting a support crew around us, getting clear on what we want the next chapter to look like, being conscious of how we are looking after ourselves, recharging ourselves, so that we are giving ourselves the best chance of turning things around.

Do you feel you want to be making some changes, or maybe its got to a stage where you feel you need to be making some changes, but not quite sure what some of those next steps are, why not get in touch with the Retreat and have a chat, there are many many options and ways of supporting you and getting you moving forward again.

Author: Liz the Life Coach
Some of my favourite times working with clients are when they are on that point of change.  It can be daunting but its made so much easier sharing the journey with someone, whether that be a coach, another therapist, a good friend or positive family member.
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