iFor some, Lockdown, Level 4 will seem a distant memory.  Life has started happening again, and whether that means the old normal for you or a new normal, it certainly didn’t take long for our roads to get busy and things to start moving again.

Whatever Lockdown held for you, this could be the time for rethinking the next chapter.  These choices may have been out of your control through job loss, change in housing situation or plans in some way.  Or maybe it has given you time to review where you are at, and how you want to make some changes in life.

We can so easily get caught in routine, and stick with what we have always known and done, but now could be a time for you to have a think as to what you want the next chapter to look like.

Did you enjoy more family time during Lockdown?  How can that be brought in on a more regular basis?  Did you get out and walk more, can that be part of a regular routine?  

Or maybe Lockdown highlighted what you don’t want more of.  Maybe it highlighted the number of hours you have been working, or that actually life has been lived at a crazy speed up till now, and is there a way of slowing it down again. 

Maybe it has shown you changes that you want to make in your life, or for the environment.  Maybe it is now time for you to take a different route on your career path, to retrain and maybe fulfil some of those dreams.

Maybe it is time to be gentle on yourself, to give yourself a break, to just focus on the basics, and ensure they are covered.

Maybe it is time to reach out and ask for help.

​We are always here.

Author: Liz the Life Coach
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